Charlton Technical Support AS

Company supplying technical services for the Dredging and Maritime industry.
Services and products for business and private persons.

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Consultancy, Support and Services

As a Consultant we survey vessels, giving customers insight into the condition of their vessels and thereby insuring safe operational circumstances.

We offer advice and technical assistance to companies as a service engineer and as a trainer mainly within the marine and dredging industry.

Hull inspections, together with pump and pipeline inspections give insight into the condition of operational equipment, ensuring timely repairs and reducing risk to a vessel with effective cost management.

Services range from repair works and maintenance to technical advice and we have the connections to get you the products you need.

What does CTS offer ?

Knowledge, services and labor capacity during technical works within the industry.
Personal training for crews in the dredging and maritime Industry, on location worldwide.
Advice and optilization of dredging processes.

Repair work, maintenance and assembly, alone and in a supporting role.
Setup and handover of projects home and abroad.
Commissioning of dredging and support vessels, as well as private vessels.
Insight into the condition of marine vessels complete with technical report.
Specialised surveying of dredging related vessels.



Charlton Technical Support AS
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